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We dedicate HPLA/BEP 2014 to Dr. Ray Kidder, a retired scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Laser Research Program Leader (1962-1972) estimated an ignition energy of 500 kilojoules (1964 simulation) followed by a four-fold increase to 2 mega-joules (1980) to account for indirect drive, the value now on target at the National Ignition Facility; and derived the seminal sixth-power relation between ignition energy and fuel convergence ratio (1991).  He was our lead keynote speaker for the very first HPLA meeting in 1998.  He is still very active and working on various controlled fusion concepts at age 90 years.


About the Meeting


Since 1998, the International High Power Laser Ablation Symposia have provided a unique forum for exchange of ideas on the physics and application of high power laser-materials interaction, including advances in relevant high power laser sources and problems of beam propagation and detection, in a collegial atmosphere. This will be our tenth meeting. The HPLA series is one of the first scientific conferences to be organized around a broad physical phenomenon (laser ablation and its applications) rather than one narrow technology. HPLA treats advances in all related aspects from basic physics to applications.


Since 2002, the International Symposia on Beamed Energy Propulsion have brought together organizations and individuals interested in developing beamed-energy propulsion vehicles, engines, schemes and concepts into space transportation systems of the future. BEP includes microwave sources as well as lasers as drivers. These meetings offer an exceptional opportunity for researchers in the BEP field to present the current results of their studies.


In 2014, for the first time, we will combine these meetings, in a similar way as CLEO and IQEC were combined, initially with separate program committees, topics, programs and generally parallel sessions. On the first day and conference dinner, the two groups will meet together. HPLA/BEP will be held at the La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. Registered attendees are welcome to attend any presentation of HPLA or BEP.


We are fortunate to have Blue 52 Productions, Dayton OH as the event producer.   Ms. Michelle Williams and her team will provide logistics and planning support. Also for the first time, HPLA/BEP 2014 is endorsed by the Optical Society of America.


Past keynote speakers for HPLA and BEP have included luminaries such as Prof. Charles Townes, Prof. Yuri Raizer, Prof. Arthur Kantrowitz, Prof. Oleg Krokhin, Dr. Raymond Kidder, and Prof. Sadao Nakai.


We strive to provide a collegial atmosphere in which a wide array of specialists who might not otherwise meet can talk and learn from each other. Because we avoid more than two parallel sessions, space and time limit the number of oral presentations. For this reason, two evenings of poster sessions are planned.

  •  - Dr. Claude Phipps, HPLA/BEP Chair

Comments From Previous Attendees

“You have really been most successful to bring together such a large number of most distinguished scientists all around the world, active in the various fields of laser ablation. Congratulations for the high scientific level of all the contributions and for the wonderful organization.”


 “We enjoyed the high scientific level of presentations, and we liked the hard discussions after the presentations. You have done your work very successfully. We believe that attendees are of the same opinion.”