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Welcome to the 2010 Defense Industrial Base Seminar & Workshops!

The domestic defense industrial base that supports the United States Department of Defense continues to be impacted by change.  Globalization continues to influence markets and the companies in those markets that supply the DoD.  There is competition for commodities such as strategic metals and energy as consumption increases in the rapidly growing economies of China and India.  Manufacturing and engineering expertise is moving off-shore to take advantage of lower labor costs.  America’s skilled aerospace workforce is aging and there are concerns the industry will not adequately compete with other sectors of the economy for intellectual capital.  In many instances, the pace of technology development and new product introduction is no longer driven by military requirements and expenditures, especially in highly competitive markets such as electronics and information technology.  Changing policies, fluctuating requirements and declining defense budgets impact the supplier base that depends predominately on military sales.  These trends lead to structural changes within the industrial base.

The event kicks off with a Plenary session consisting of senior leaders from across government and industry who will provide their insights into trends, issues, opportunities and expectations in regards to the defense industrial base.  Breakout sessions on the second day will focus on organizations promoting solutions including tools, services and investment programs meant to mitigate barriers and risks that exist as military customers leverage the industrial base in support of the Warfighter.



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