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...the 4th annual NanoMaterials for Defense Applications Symposium: Accelerating the Transition, 1-4 May 2006 in Virginia Beach, VA. This premier event, sponsored by the tri-service research organizations (Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Army Research Laboratory (ARL), the Office of Naval Research (ONR)) and DARPA, is committed to transitioning material innovations enabled by control of the nanostructure (nanomaterials) to beneficial application for military and dual-use technologies. The Symposium’s organization encourages extensive discussion and interaction among the attendees.

This year’s Symposium focuses on nanostructure-enabled functional materials for devices, systems, and components. New capabilities enabled by the unique performance enhancements of nanostructured materials will profoundly advance critical aspects of maintaining a technologically superior defense capability. Leadership in nanomaterials research and development is thus critical to maintaining our technological edge in national defense. This focused symposium brings together technical representatives from industry, university, and government to discuss military technology needs, identify exciting nanostructure-enabled materials developments that are primed for technology development, and forge connections to facilitate and accelerate the technology development for near-term military deployment.  In addition to the technical and networking sessions, participants will have the opportunity to tour military facilities following the meeting. Please join your colleagues at the forefront of this technology arena. The following is a preliminary agenda, which is subject to change.

Contact Information

Technical Questions: Dr. Richard Vaia, AFRL (; Dr. Mihal Gross, ONR (; and Dr. Steve McKnight, ARL (

Administrative/Logistics/Exhibit Questions: Ms. Michelle Williams,

Poster Abstract Questions: Ms. Sandy Miller,

Registration Questions: Ms. Sherry Johnson,