NT4D Student Grant Program

The student grant application process for the 2015 event is now closed.

Congratulations to our Student Grant Recipients

      • Greg Curtzwiler, University of Southern Mississippi - Quantification of the Effects of Modified Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes on Model Crosslinked Epoxy-Amine Coating Characteristics
      • Jimmy Hester, Georgia Institute of Technology - Novel Inkjet-Printed Flexible Low-Cost Nanomaterial-Enabled Chemical Sensors
      • Antonio Lucero, University of Texas at Dallas - Advanced Deposition and Characterization Techniques for Enabling Future III-V Semiconductor Devices
      • Baillie McNally, Worcester Polytechnic Institute - Experimental Characterization for Through Process Modeling of Cold Spray Aluminum Alloys
      • Arya Rahimi, Washington State University - Highly Sensitive Low-Loss Micro-Passives using 3D Printed Silver Nanoparticles – Fabrication, Modeling and Characterization
      • Charles Sweeney, Texas A&M University - Microwave Induced Welding of Carbon Nanotube-Thermoplastic Interfaces for Enhanced Mechanical Strength of 3D Printed Parts Microwave Induced Welding of Carbon Nanotube - Thermoplastic Interfaces for Enhanced Mechanical Strength of 3D Printed Parts
      • Travis Tumlin, University of Missouri - Controlling Graphene Growth via Substrate Engineering

NT4D is pleased to provide a student travel grant program for this year’s symposium at the Pacific Palms Resort, in City of Industry, CA.  This program is intended to encourage student participation and provide networking opportunities for students with representatives from industry, academia, and government.  The competitive grant program is designed to cover a portion of costs associated with attending the symposium including travel, student registration fee, lodging and meals (government per diem rates).  All recipients listed above will be giving oral or poster presentations throughout the week on their research. Be sure to watch for them.  





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