Welcome to the
Hypersonic Technology & Systems Conference

27 – 30 August 2018

Sustained hypersonic flight within dense atmosphere has substantial utility. Advances in underlying technologies and integration into weapon systems offer the DOD significant enhancements in its ability to penetrate heavily defended areas and prosecute time-critical targets. Other nations are also actively pursuing these technologies; as such, defense against such systems is also of increased interest. The technologies required to enable the reliable use of hypersonic vehicles are multi-disciplinary. These include aerodynamics, aerothermodynamics, navigation, guidance and control, in addition to challenges of air-breathing propulsion, rocket boost, and launch platform integration. This conference will bring together the best and brightest involved in the development of hypersonic technologies in a forum which will facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration opportunities. This conference will highlight the nation’s investments in hypersonic technologies for both research & development and weapon platform integration. This event will be held at the SECRET//NOFORN level. Attendance is limited to U.S. citizens with a final SECRET clearance.

2018 HTSC Keynote Address
Dr. Michael Griffin
Under Secretary of Defense and Engineering

Dr. Michael D. Griffin is the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering. He is the Department’s Chief Technology Officer, and is responsible for the research, development, and prototyping activities across the DoD enterprise and is mandated with ensuring technological superiority for the Department of Defense. He oversees the activities of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Missile Defense Agency, the Strategic Capabilties Office, Defense Innovation Unit Experimental, the DoD Laboratory enterprise, and the Under Secretariate staff focused on developing advanced technology and capability for the U.S. military.

Key Dates to Remember:

2 April 2018 - Abstract Due Date
Early May 2018 - Abstract Authors Will Be Notified
8 June 2018 - Early Bird Registration Deadline
27 July 2018 - Final Presentations Due
27 - 30 August 2018 - Conference