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You are invited to participate in the 2016 Commercial and Government Responsive Access to Space Technology Exchange (CRASTE), 20 – 23 June in Westminster, Colorado.
The Commercial and Government Responsive Access to Space Technology Exchange (CRASTE) matches system integrators with subsystem technology providers to enable new responsive space access capabilities.  CRASTE focuses on integration of emerging technologies and emerging space access architectures to satisfy new and existing markets. CRASTE has a special focus on near term technologies that are approaching flight. 
-   Almost all launch systems projected for the next 10 years such as SLS and EELV upgrades are beyond S&T.  NASA Launch System contracts are all in place including studies/tech insertion to replace the solid strap-ons for SLS.
-   Pico/nano launch, high tempo for conventional strike, disaggregated satellites, hosting, etc. appear to be the current next generation focus of DoD. Technical Sessions include:

    • Systems Integration
    • Sub-Orbital Concepts & Capabilities & Pico/Nano Launch
    • Thermal Management/Protection
    • Reducing Cost, Increasing Safety
    • Reusability
    • Range & Ground Operations
    • Heavy Lift
    • In-space Transportation
    • Lightweight Expendables

2016 Plenary Speakers

Mr. Thomas Lockhart,

Director, Materials & Manufacturing Directorate, Air Force Research Laboratory
Welcome by:
NASA Astronaut Barry "Butch" Wilmore
Ms. Adele Ratcliff,
Director, DoD Manufacturing Technology Program, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Manufacturing and Industrial Base Policy
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Mr. Robert Lightfoot, Jr.,
Associate Administrator, NASA
Mr. Mark Sirangelo,
Corporate Vice President, Space Systems Sierra Nevada Corporation
Mr. Michael Kelly,
Chief Engineer, Office of Commercial Space Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration
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Mr. Tommy Sanford,
Executive Director, Commercial Spaceflight Federation
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CRASTE Co-Locates with NSMMS

CRASTE will once again co-locate with the National Space & Missile Materials Symposium (NSMMS) for the 4th Annual event.  These symposia continue their outstanding legacy in bringing together technologists, users, and decision makers from across the nation to discuss key technology issues related to space, missile, and hypersonic systems and a variety of ground-breaking commercial space topics necessary for our Country’s defense and research and development pursuits.  What this means for you – you can attend two events with one trip, experience an expanded exhibit show and poster session, have more people to network and exchange ideas with, and have even more technical talks to participate in.  For more information on NSMMS, visit

Travel Restrictions & Approval

For those working for government agencies, you are encouraged to submit your travel requests now. Though travel restrictions for many government agencies are beginning to loosen, many still require 6 months advance notice with conference travel. Because of this, we encourage you to get your paperwork submitted now and to contact us if you need any additional information or justifications at

ITAR Restriction

These Symposia are restricted to U.S. CITIZENS ONLY and is ITAR Restricted in accordance with DoD directive 5230.5 under the provisions of Public Law 98-94, “Department of Defense Authorization Act, 1984,” Section 1217, Sept 24, 1983. This symposium is not open to the general public. Presentations may not be more restrictive than Distribution C. More information about CRASTE attendance requirements can be found on the security page. NSMMS is being held at the same security level.

Please Note: Each service may choose how they implement this new guidance by the Secretary of Defense, and may choose to be more restrictive. You should check with your service officials to determine how this affects you.







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