Small Business Forum

One of the most important elements of the NSMMS & CRASTE is the Small Business Forum and associated opportunities to network. We invite you to engage and maximize your opportunities to team with other companies and do business with the government.

The goal of this forum is to facilitate the interaction of small businesses and universities with larger "prime" contractors based on similar interests that relate to specific materials/performance metrics relevant to NASA and the Department of Defense. Additionally, we will provide you connections and resources within the government SBIR agencies in order for you to start your interaction with or assist you along the path of meaningful interactions with a variety of the SBIR offices. We are confident you will make the correct contacts with regard to technology needs and transfer, in order to foster future communication, innovation, and partnerships.

Small businesses and universities attending the forum will have the opportunity to explore the potential for aligning their capabilities with Prime and with NASA/DoD needs, as well as extend their own research efforts to areas essential to next generation space and missile applications. To facilitate the exchange of information between the small businesses and the primes, we have arranged for 15 minute "one-on-one" sessions. As the session with the primes will only be 15 minutes in length, small business representatives should be prepared to provide appropriate literature that clearly describes their capabilities, POC information, and any other information that might be useful for forging collaborations. Preference will be given in one-on-one sign-ups to those who fill out and return the one-on-one prep sheet. Completed prep sheets should be sent to

Participating primes and a registration form will be posted in the coming months.