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Aavid Thermacore, Inc.

Aavid Thermacore, Inc. specializes in the custom design, development, and manufacturing of highly engineered thermal management systems, components, and materials for a variety of applications across a diversified set of markets that include military/aerospace, computer, telecommunications, energy conversion, medical and test equipment.



AEM, Inc.

AEM, Inc. is a high reliability component solutions provider that continues to set the standard for quality, value and performance. AEM provides manufactured solutions and services to aerospace, defense and other "Hi-Rel" industries that require the highest quality level for circuit protection, EMI signal filtering, and Sn/Pb conversion applications.



Allcomp, Inc.

Allcomp is a manufacturer of many different grades of C-C and C-SiC composites reinforced by 2D or 2.5D (needled) fiber architectures. These composites are efficiently densified using CVI and PIP processes as required to achieve the desirable properties. These composites can be further oxidation protected using advanced multi-layer and functionally-graded coating systems for extremely high temperature applications. Allcomp is AS 9003 certified small company and is scheduled to be AS 9100 certified in July 2017. Allcomp fabricates flight hardware and prototype components per customer specifications. Allcomp focuses our researches in developing and qualifying cost effective composites with short lead time for commercial and advanced applications.



Alpha Space Test and Research Alliance

Alpha Space Test and Research Alliance, LLC (Alpha Space) is a woman- and minority- owned company serving the Materials Science community with on-orbit, real-time pure materials science research. Alpha Space's developing program, MISSE, will provide unparalleled testing and data collection for both passive and active material samples in the extreme environment of low earth orbit with sample return to earth for post-mission processing.



Bally Ribbon Mills (BRM)

Bally Ribbon Mills (BRM) manufactures 3D woven preforms and structures for the space, defense and aerospace applications. BRM supplies these materials as dry preforms or resin infused composites. BRM utilizes 3D orthogonally and layer-to-layer through thickness weaving techniques. The products that utilize this technology include Woven Thermal Protection Systems (WTPS) for space and nuclear facilities applications. BRM is ISO 9001:2000 and AS-9100:2001 certified.




Blueshift provides best-in-class state of the art lightweight materials. Our initial product, AeroZero®, is the first commercially available polyimide aerogel in the world.



Boeing Company

Boeing is the world's largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners and defense, space and security systems. As America’s biggest manufacturing exporter, the company supports airlines and U.S. and allied government customers in more than 150 countries. Boeing products and tailored services include commercial and military aircraft, satellites, weapons, electronic and defense systems, launch systems, advanced information and communication systems, and performance-based logistics and training.



BryCoat, Inc.

BryCoat provides engineered surface solutions using PVD, CVD -TiC and Thermal spray coatings. These coatings are used to improve the performance of high precision metal components.



CoorsTek Engineered Ceramics

CoorsTek is the international partner of choice for companies requiring the unique, high-performance properties of engineered ceramics. With over 300 advanced material formulations, CoorsTek manufactures a wide range of custom and standard products for aerospace and defense industries, including missile ray domes, ultra-lightweight and durable SiC mirrors, process tubes, and much more. Materials include aluminas, nitrides, carbides, quartz, silicates, and zirconias, as well as a wide variety of translucent, ESD-safe, and metallized specialty ceramics. Contact a CoorsTek engineer to discuss your latest design challenge or learn more at coorstek.com.




The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is a DoD Agency that has become known as a laboratory and incubator of innovation. DARPA’s mission is to look beyond the reality of today and to focus on the potentiality of the future. Specifically, its job is to identify current or future advances that have the potential to bend today’s security trajectories— advances that, years from now, could disrupt the stability the Nation enjoys today as well as advances that, over the same period, could enhance national and global stability. DARPA explicitly reaches for transformational change instead of incremental advances. It works within an innovation ecosystem that includes academic, corporate and governmental partners, with a constant focus on the Nation’s military Services, which work with DARPA to create new strategic opportunities and novel tactical options.



Fantom Materials, Inc.

Description Coming Soon



Free Form Fibers

Free Form Fibers (FFF) is the sole producer of “laser-printed” Silicon Carbide, Boron, and Boron Carbide fibers in the world. FFF's unique process harnesses the flexibility of additive manufacturing and the purity of Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) in a highly flexible production system for hundreds of simultaneous continuous fibers. If a CVD precursor exists for a given material, it is likely that Free Form Fibers can produce fiber from it. Filaments are small diameter, homogeneous, without a dissimilar core, and can be hundreds of feet long. Diameters can be customized from 15 to 80 microns and modulated along the length. Highly uniform Pyrolytic Carbon and Boron Nitride interphase coatings have been demonstrated with subsequent coating with Silicon Carbide. As with fiber, if a CVD precursor exists for a given material, it is likely that Free Form Fibers can coat its fibers with that material. Coated fibers are available in tapes of parallel continuous filaments or in tows of continuous filaments appropriately sized for CMC applications.



II-VI Optical Systems

II-VI Optical Systems is a premier solutions provider for the design, development, and production of integrated optical components, optical assemblies, and optical systems for advanced applications. From prototypes to production, we design, manufacture, assemble, and test precision optical systems and components-including visible, infrared, and laser-based systems and subassemblies. Combining specialized expertise, leadership, and cutting-edge technology, we develop, analyze, and select the best optical solution, then define the most readily producible system design. The result: an unprecedented performance record for on-time delivery and quality satisfaction



Integration Innovation, Inc.

i3 is one of the fastest growing small business government services and technology providers in the U.S. The company was founded by a group of scientists and engineers in December 2007, in Huntsville, AL. Since then i3 has worked to iNFORM, iNSPIRE, and iMPROVE our team members by demonstrating integrity and a personal commitment to be in the top 10% of our respective field.



Jackson Bond Enterprises, LLC

Jackson Bond Enterprises, LLC (JBE) designs and manufactures products for aerospace and other demanding environments. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified. Specializing in thermal seals and flexible thermal protection systems, JBE utilizes high temperature materials and advanced textile manufacturing techniques to fabricate quality products. Our primary manufacturing methods are braiding, sewing, cutting, filament winding, and laser welding. Founded in 2004, JBE has created products for a variety of business areas including aviation, space, defense, high temperature manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals. JBE has a proven track record of successfully delivering innovative solutions to our customers.



Kamatics RWG

Kamatics RWG is a strong, customer-focused engineering organization, with bearing solutions that can be found around the globe. Kaman’s self-lubricating liner technology offers an increase in performance, reliability, and extended service life in applications such as solar array pins, arm linkages, flight controls, helium tank attachments, sunshields, engine mounts and many others.



Lancer Systems

Lancer engineers are experts in lightweight composite material design and application. The realm of composites, which includes thermoplastics, thermosets, and ceramic-matrix materials, sometimes offers intrinsic material properties superior to metal. Areas of potential advantage include weight, stiffness-to-weight ratio, self-lubricity, thermal and/or electrical insulation, performance at extreme temperatures (both cryogenic and > 2500°F) and manufacturing cost. Lancer’s breadth of composites materials and processes experience gives us the ability to identify opportunities for which composites offer advantages to metal, and to design and select appropriate solutions for these applications.




The Air Force Research Laboratory’s LHMEL Facility, operated by UES, Inc., provides the aerospace community with a comprehensive source for high temperature characterization of current and emerging materials using a variety of infrared laser sources and environmental simulation capabilities. LHMEL provides uniform, well characterized constant heat flux conditions which can be combined with air or inert gas flow to evaluate ablation/oxidation performance. Transients resulting from these constant conditions can be used to validate conduction models and thermal property predictions.




MATECH is a leader in ultra-high-temperature (UHT) CMCs for missile propulsion and aerothermal TPS applications. MATECH manufactures UHT C/ZrOC CMCs. MATECH manufactures SiC-matrix CMCs by PIP, CVI, Hybrid CVI/PIP, and FAST CMC processing. MATECH has a dedicated CVI/CVD facility for both interface coatings and matrix densification. MATECH has a dedicated weaving lab specializing in high modulus ceramic fibers. MATECH is fully integrated, from the manufacture of fibers, weaving of fabric, deposition of interface coatings, and CMC densification. MATECH has developed and produces 500 filament ceramic fiber tow of two types of silicon-based fibers, silicon nitride/carbide (SiNC-1400X) and stoichiometric silicon carbide (SiC-1900X) for use in advanced ceramic matrix composites (CMCs). MATECH specializes in custom prototyping of advanced CMCs for numerous challenging applications. MATECH also provides Analytical Services to the industry.



Materials Research & Design

Materials Research & Design (MR&D) is a small business that provides research and design services to the aerospace materials community. Typical programs at MR&D focus on the simultaneous design of material and structure to optimize component cost, weight, or structural performance. Additional areas of interest focus upon research into the behavior of composite materials and the development of micromechanical models to analyze and understand observed properties. The analytical approach employed by MR&D is based upon a practical understanding of engineering issues founded upon a strong background of theoretical mechanics.



MDA Advanced Research

MDA Advanced Research seeks to develop cutting-edge technologies for future missile defense capabilities by capitalizing on the creativity and innovation of the brightest minds in our Nation's universities and small businesses, collaborative research partnerships between domestic and allied country academic institutions, and innovative ideas from industry.



NASA Space Technology

Description Coming Soon



National Reconnaissance Office

The National Reconnaissance Office's Director's Innovation Initiative (DII) Program invests in advanced technologies, fosters innovation, and provides seed funding to push the boundaries of technology to dramatically improve our overhead reconnaissance capabilities. It presents an opportunity for developers not traditionally associated with the NRO to participate in building the National Reconnaissance Office of the 21st Century.



Orbital ATK

Description Coming Soon



Oxy-Gon Industries, Inc.

100% US owned, small business company. Since 1998 we have been specializing in custom designed, resistance heated, high temperature controlled atmosphere furnaces from 1000°C to 2500°C in argon, nitrogen, forming gas, hydrogen or high vacuum (diffusion, turbo-molecular or cryogenic). Lab scale to production models available. Stop by our exhibit booth today and talk with our technical support staff regarding your thermal processing needs.



Plasma Processes

Plasma Processes is an ISO 9001:2008 certified small business specializing in the development and manufacture of high temperature materials, coatings, and additive manufacturing components and powders. We develop, apply and validate coating solutions for thermal and oxidation protection, emissivity, wear and corrosion resistance and dimensional restoration, in addition to the additive manufacture of net-shape components by vacuum plasma and EL-Form® deposition processes. We support the aerospace and defense community with advanced materials for propulsion, thermal protection and wear.



Pyramid Space, Inc.

Pyramid Space Inc., has extensive knowledge and experience in providing engineering and associated support for flight vehicles and ground test systems in the area of research, engineering, design, analysis, fabrication, and integration of flight and ground test hardware in support of NASA, the US Air Force, other US Government, and commercial programs. We specialize in designing and producing functional prototypes in a safe, cost effective and timely manner.



Refrac Systems

Specialist at performing R&D and production diffusion bonding and thin film brazing services for complex aerospace structures and other assemblies. We have a demonstrated 32 year track record of excellence, and produce over 400 aerospace "bona fide" production part outlines for aircraft use. We have over 20 production vacuum hot presses and other specialty furnaces with an upper temperature capability of well over 3,600 C (6,500 F). Custom component manufacturing and process development services are also available for fast moving R&D programs. Call us with your most demanding joining problems!!



Scot Forge

Scot Forge is a 100% employee-owned, AS9100C and Nadcap certified manufacturer of custom open die and rolled ring forgings. With 124 years of experience, Scot Forge leads the industry as one of the most modern and respected forging companies in the world. Let us help you make your programs soar!



Southern Research

The Engineering Division of Southern Research offers specialized materials testing and comprehensive engineering and development services to the aerospace, defense, energy, and environmental sectors. The Advanced Materials & Mechanics Groups provide advanced research and development services for materials in extreme physical and thermal environments, which include thermo-mechanical modeling and testing from as low as 25 K to as high as 6000 °F (3300 °C). The primary technical focus is to supply innovative materials testing and characterization solutions to aerospace, defense, and governmental programs by leveraging Southern Research’s state-of-the-art assets with its clients’ goals.



Space Information Labs

Space Information Labs (SIL) is a California small business that develops and manufactures Space qualified game changing and patented products. These include VBITS GPS Metric Tracking, Autonomous Flight Termination and Space Based Range units, MIL-STD CubeSat 6U to 27U OMSR Bus, Intelli-Avionics® and Li-Ion Polymer Intelli-Pack® batteries for DOD, NASA and the Aerospace Industry for launch vehicles, missiles, small satellites, aircraft and UAS platforms. SIL has performed as a prime contractor to DOD and NASA, and as a value added product supplier and technical engineering service provider to large Aerospace prime contractors. SIL has a complete in-house aerospace engineering, manufacturing and environmental test capability. SIL accomplishes this work at the highest quality using an AS9100 Quality Management System with continual daily improvement to reach the next level of excellence.



Starfire Systems, Inc.

Starfire Systems, Inc (SSI) is a specialty material company focused on Polymer Derived Ceramics (PDC) and its Polymer-to-Ceramic TM technology. SSI’s core business is synthesis of silicon-based pre-ceramic polymers and SOL-GEL derived oxide forming materials which are used in polymer matrix composites, oxide and non-oxide ceramic matrix composite fabrication. SSI’s high temperature materials are useful in a variety of applications where durable, lightweight and high temperature ceramics or coatings are required, such as frictional components, electronic components, thermal protection systems, and rocket nozzles. As a raw material and technology system supplier, SSI continues to focus on supporting our manufacturing partners to develop materials and systems that meet the needs of a broader range of customers and end markets.



Textum Weaving, Inc.

Textum is a premier manufacturer of engineered and technical fabrics constructed from advanced fibers including carbon, aramid, metal, glass, polymer, ceramics and SiC. With its superior capabilities and patented technologies, Textum welcomes the opportunity to become your solutions manufacturer for advanced fabrics, in various forms such as 2D, UD, 3-D preforms, tubular fabrics, narrow fabrics, helical or circular fabrics and hybrid combinations.



Thermal Technology

We have been providing solutions for advanced thermal processing since 1946. As a pioneer in the LED-sapphire and vacuum industries, we have served the lighting, renewable energy, electronics, aerospace, communications, health care, and research and development industries utilizing material applications of metals, ceramics, glass, nanopowders, crystals, and emerging material. We carry a wide variety of vacuum furnaces, hot zone parts, OEM parts and much more. Please take a look throughout our website to learn more about what we can offer as well as our laboratory furnace, production furnace, hot press system, spark plasma sintering (SPS) and direct current sintering (DCS), graphite hot zone & OEM parts, ARC melting furnace, and fiber drawing furnace products.




Ultramet engineers and manufactures refractory metals, platinum group metals, and ceramics for demanding applications that meet the needs of the aerospace, defense, biomedical, and energy industries. An ISO 9001:2008-certified manufacturer, Ultramet develops corrosion- and erosion-resistant materials that are capable in extreme temperatures. Manufactured products include flight-qualified hot-gas components and FDA-approved orthopedic implants.