Please Join Us….

...for the 8th Annual NanoTechnology for Defense Conference (NT4D), 3 – 6 May 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia, at the Lowes Hotel, sponsored by the tri-service research organizations Air Force Research Laboratory, Army Research Laboratory, and the Office of Naval Research, as well as the Defense Threat Reduction Agency and Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. 

New capabilities enabled by the unique performance enhancements of nanostructured materials promise to revolutionize the technology landscape. The NT4D Conference is committed to providing a fertile and stimulating forum for discussion on recent nanotechnology innovations which maximize the impact to defense and dual-use technologies. This focused conference brings together technical representatives from industry, university, and government to discuss defense technology needs, identify exciting nanostructure-enabled material advancements that are primed for technology development, and forge connections to facilitate and accelerate the development process.

This year's conference topics include:

  • Manufacturing and Sustainability Session

  • Engineered Nanomaterials: Toxicology & ESOH Issues

  • Chem-Bio Session

  • Power and Energy Session

  • Multi-Scale Modeling Session

  • Successful NanoMaterial Transition: Lessons Learned to Accelerate Future Technology Insertion Session

Additional highlights include a Small Business Forum, Exhibits, a Poster Session, and an accompanying Government Only Workshop.  Please join your colleagues on the forefront of nanotechnology exploration.



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