NSMMS & CRASTE Poster Session

Session Chairs: Mr. Ron Ooten, Centrus Energy Corporation and Dr. Todd Steyer, The Boeing Company


Photoignition Torch as a Scalable Ignitor and Gas Generator for Space Systems

Dr. Alireza Badakhshan - ERC, Inc. (AFRL)

Presentation Title To Be Announced

Mr. Dan Boley - Scot Forge Company

VBITS Autonomous Flight Termination and Space Based Range System to Reduce Launch Cost

Mr. Edmund Burke - Space Information Laboratories

Magnesiothermic Combustion Synthesis of Zirconium and Hafnium Diborides

Sergio Cordova - The University of Texas at El Paso

Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors in TPS: Arc Jet Model Design & Testing

Dr. Jay Feldman - NASA Ames Research Center

Surface Catalyzed Recombination of Nitrogen on Hot Carbon Surfaces

Dr. Douglas Fletcher - University of Vermont

Presentation Title To Be Announced

Mr. Shane Flores - ATA Engineering, Inc.

Heterogeneous Porous Ceramic Media for Thermal Transport Mitigation in Hypersonics

Ms. Laurel Frediani - Sporian Microsystems, Inc.

Development of a 50 kW Inductively Coupled Plasma Torch for High-Temperature Materials Research

Mr. Benton Greene - The University of Texas at Austin

High Performance Additively Manufactured Polymer Derived Ceramics

Dr. Jake Hundley - HRL Laboratories, LLC

Scale-up Study and Demonstration of Highly Aligned and High Concentration CNT Reinforced Composites for Aerospace Applications

Ms. Claire Jolowsky - Florida State University

Manufacturability and Performance of Cyanate Ester/Carbon Fiber Composite Pressure Vessels

Mr. Richard Lee - ERC, Inc.

Coating and Patterning Technologies for Aerospace and Hypersonic Missile Applications

Ms. Jennifer Lehman - II-VI Optical Systems

Cleaning and Cleanliness Measurement of Additive Manufactured Parts

Mr. Mark Mitchell - NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

Mechanical Properties of Borothermally Synthesized Zirconium Diboride

Mr. Alec Murchie - Missouri University of Science and Technology

2700°F Fiber Processing and CMC Variability

Mr. John Paretti - COI Ceramics, Inc.

Near Material-Agnostic 1½-D Printing – Recursive AM of Integrated Multifunctional Composites

Dr. Joseph Pegna - Free Form Fibers

Generating Material Properties for Flight Representative Structures

Mr. John Podhiny - Materials Research & Design, Inc.

Material Design Database Development for Thermal Insulation

Mr. Randy Raley - Jacobs Technology, ESSSE Group

Presentation Title To Be Announced

Dr. James Ratcliffe - NASA Langley Research Center

Computational Tools for Modeling Thermo-Chemical and Structural Damage in Materials Subject to Extreme Environments

Dr. Srujan Rokkam - Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc.

Properties of Carbon Fiber Composite Structures Cured by Magnetic Induction Heating

Lt. Aleksander Romich - United States Air Force

Recent Progress in Solid Rocket Motor Internal Insulation Development

Mr. Patrick Ruth - ERC, Inc.

Presentation Title To Be Announced

Mr. Austin Stanfield - Missouri University of Science and Technology

Inkjet and 3D Security Printing

Dr. Vitaly Talyansky - Stardust Materials, LLC

High Altitude Balloon Flight Test Demonstration of LED-Based Hazardous Gas Sensor in Harsh Environments for Space Applications

Dr. Anthony Terracciano - University of Central Florida

A Portable Thermosonic Imaging System (PTIS) for Rapid, Full-Field, Intelligent Nondestructive Testing of Advanced Materials

Dr. Dan Xiang - X-Wave Innovations, Inc.