Admission Into NSMMS & CRASTE

This conference is held at the ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulated) & Military Critical Level.
Admission into the conference requires four things:

  1. Government issued photo ID at check in
  2. Proof that you are a U.S. person (U.S. Citizen or Green Card Holder)
  3. Conference Photo Badge
  4. Non-Government Attendees only: DD2345 Certification

(1) U.S. Government Issued Photo ID at Check-In

U.S. Government issued photo ID's include a U.S. driver's license, U.S. Passport, or U.S. Government/Military Photo ID.

(2) Proof you are a U.S. Person

You are required to provide proof that you are a U.S. person each year you attend NSMMS & CRASTE. A U.S. Person is a born or naturalized U.S. citizen or a U.S. Permanent Resident/Green Card holder. Acceptable forms of documentation include your passport, birth certificate, or a signed letter verifying U.S. citizenship status on company letterhead from your security manager or HR representative for U.S. citizens and a U.S.-issued green card for U.S. Permanent Residents. Please remember, if you are providing your green card, you must also show your green card during check-in at the registration desk.

(3) Symposium Badges

Symposium badges will be provided to you onsite. In order to expedite check-in please upload a photo (head shot) of yourself on the registration page. Digital photos should be JPEGs saved at 150 dpi or more. You may have a photo badge taken onsite for $20.

(4) Non-Government Attendees ONLY: DD2345 Certification

Find out if you already have a current DD2345 Certification. To determine if your employer already has a certification on file that extends to all employees at your location, visit the website at, contact the JCO at 800-352-3572, or send an email

Military personnel, DoD, and NASA civilian employees are exempt from the DD2345 certification requirements. All other attendees must submit their certification number or send a copy of their certified DD2345 to Blue52 Productions, LLC. Please submit this information on the registration page or via email to Sherry Johnson at There are two types of certification: Organizational and Individual. We highly recommend you get an organizational certification. Organizational certifications cover everyone in your immediate office, are good for five years, and processing begins upon receipt of the application. Individual certifications are only good until the end of the conference, are good for only you, and the Joint Certification Office (JCO) will not process them until two weeks prior to the event. The same application form is used for both. Additional information is listed below.

Additional DD2345 Certification Tips

To apply for the DD2345 Certification for the first time, you will want to refer to the check list for guidance by visiting Be sure you download the most current application form. The most current form can be found by visiting and clicking on the hyperlink DD Form 2345 in the last bullet of the checklist. Click here for step by step instructions in filling out a form for organizational certification.

To renew an expired DD2345 Certification, be sure you download the most current application form, found at

Click here for step by step instructions in filling out a form for organizational certification. The only difference from a first time application is Block 1, you will select "Renewal" instead of "Initial Submission."

Notification of Certification

The Joint Certification Office will notify each company's data custodian by email if the company's request for certification has been approved. Questions regarding the application approval process should be directed to the Joint Certification Office.

Organizational vs. Individual Certification

It is best if you have a company or university DD2345 for attendance. However, if you must apply for an individual form, please Click here for instructions. You will need to reference Eric Becker in Block 4 of the DD2345 form. Please note, an individual DD2345 form is only good for attendance, and expires at the conclusion of the event. Please also note that the JCO generally does not process individual forms until approximately 2 weeks before the start of the conference. When filing as an individual, please email Sherry Johnson for tracking purposes only - all forms must be submitted to the JCO. To file for an organizational or university form, your company must have a Dun & Bradstreet number,, 888-347-0475 and be registered in SAM (, 866-606-8220).

If you have questions regarding the DD2345 process you may contact Sherry Johnson at 937-554-4671 or

On-Site Electronics Policy

We know how important it is to stay connected. However, as a registered attendee of these ITAR-restricted and Military Critical Technology symposia, you have a personal responsibility to help protect the data exchanged at these events. This includes managing your electronic devices (smart phones, smart watches, health monitoring devices, computers, cameras, etc.), as well as your conversations responsibly. Aside from security concerns, prudence and responsible use of these devices extends basic courtesy to other attendees and speakers. Please follow these basic guides at NSMMS & CRASTE:

Confine all technical discussions to the meeting space or exhibit hall, as open foyer space is available to the general public. No electronic devices of any kind are permitted into the technical sessions any time. This includes, but is not limited to, smart phones, smart watches, laptops and tablets, and health monitoring devices. We suggest that you leave electronic devices in your room safe or car. Electronics may be left at the NSMMS & CRASTE electronics table, however neither NSMMS & CRASTE nor the Renaissance Indian Wells are liable for lost or damaged items.

Note that electronics will be allowed in the foyer areas and also the NSMMS & CRASTE exhibit hall, but must be returned either to your room, car or electronics table before reentry into technical sessions - no exceptions. If using a phone or having a conversation with someone in the general vicinity of the symposium area, be mindful of other people or devices that could pick up or transmit your conversation or those going on around you. Cameras are strictly prohibited. If you would like a photo of a booth, poster, speaker, or other person or item within the confines of the symposium space, see the NSMMS & CRASTE photographer at the registration desk. If your computer or other device has a microphone or camera, turn it off while in the symposium space.