Mr. Charles Chase

Charles Chase manages the Revolutionary Technology Programs organization for the Lockheed Martin Skunk Works.  The organization’s charter is to create, mature, and transition a broad range of disruptive technologies with significant Lockheed Martin system impact.  He recently won the Lockheed Martin Innovate the Future contest with “Power from Low Speed Wind”, and was a semifinalist in the Buckminster Fuller Challenge with “Bio-Inspired Morphing” to eliminate design stagnation.  He presented his organization’s work on compact fusion power and propulsion at the 2013 Google “Solve for <X>” event.  He was a low observable engineer on the F-117A production program and has also worked for the Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company as an electromagnetics group lead. He is a co-founder of CBH Technologies, a start-up developing next generation lighting technology and holds numerous patents. 




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