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Text Box: ADMISSION INTO NT4D  This conference is held at the ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulated) & Military Critical Level.  Admission to the Conference requires four things: 1.	Government issued photo ID at Check-in 2.	Proof that you are U.S. Person (U.S. Citizen or Green Card Holder) 3.	Conference Photo Badge 4.	Non-Government Attendees ONLY: DD2345 Certification  (1) U.S. Government Issued Photo ID at Check-In

U.S. Government issued photo ID’s include a U.S. driver’s license, U.S. Passport, or U.S. Government/ Military Photo ID. 

(2) Proof you are a U.S. Person

You are required to provide proof that you are a U.S. person each year you attend NT4D. A U.S. Person is a U.S.-born or naturalized Citizen or a U.S. Permanent Resident. Acceptable forms of documentation include your passport, birth certificate, or a signed letter verifying U.S. citizenship status on company letterhead from your security manager or HR representative for U.S. citizens and a U.S. issued Green Card for U.S. Permanent Residents. Please remember, if you are providing your green card, you must bring your green card with you when you check-in at the registration desk.

(3) Conference Badges

Conference badges will be provided to you onsite. In order to expedite check-in please upload a photo (head shot) of yourself on the registration page. Digital photos should be JPEGs saved at 150 dpi or more. You may have a photo badge taken onsite for $20. 

(4) Non-Government Attendees ONLY: DD2345 Certification

THE DD2345 APPLICATION FORM TAKES JUST A COUPLE MINUTES TO FILL OUT, BUT THE PROCESSING TIME IS CURRENTLY TAKING ONE MONTH, SO DON’T DELAY!  The NT4D is ITAR restricted in accordance with DoD directive 5230.25, under the provisions of Public Law 98-94, “Department of Defense Authorization Act, 1984,” Section 1217, September 24, 1983. Only those certified under directive 5230.25 are eligible to obtain access to unclassified technical data with military or space applications in the possession of or under the control of the DoD.

    • Military personnel, DoD, and NASA civilian employees are exempt from the DD2345 certification requirements.
    • All other attendees must submit their certification number or send a copy of their certified DD2345 to Blue52 Productions, LLC. Please submit this information on the registration page.


    • Organizational certifications cover everyone in your immediate office, are good for five years, and processing begins upon receipt of the application.  Additional information is listed below.

Additional DD2345 Certification Tips

    • Find Out if You Already Have a Current DD2345 Certification
      To determine if your employer already has a certification on file that extends to all employees at your location, visit the website here, contact the Joint Certification Office at 800-352-3572, or send an email to Please note: Every location of a company MUST have its own certification number. For example, if your organization’s headquarters are in Alexandria, VA, but you work at an office in Denver, CO, your certified DD2345 MUST have the address for the Denver office. One certified DD2345 at the headquarters does not blanket all locations of an organization. University certification is by department and not University wide. The only exception is if the University’s Department of Research/Sponsored Programs or Security/Export Control office has a current DD2345 form – this will include everyone at that University.  By regulation, the ITAR restricted Conference proceedings will be sent to the address on the DD2345 and you will need to acquire the proceedings from the individual listed as data custodian
    • To apply for the DD2345 Certification for the first time
      You will want to refer to the check list for guidance by visiting here. Be sure you download the most current application form, found here. Click here for step by step instructions in filling out a form for organizational certification.
    • To renew an expired DD2345 Certification
      Be sure you download the most current application form, found hereClick here for step by step instructions in filling out a form for organizational certification.  The only difference from a first time application is Block 1, you will select “Renewal” instead of “Initial Submission.”
    • Notification of Certification
      The Joint Certification Office will notify each company’s data custodian by email if the company’s request for certification has been approved. Questions regarding the application approval process should be directed to the Joint Certification Office.
    • Organizational Vs. Individual Certification
      You must have a company or university DD2345 for attendance.  The Joint Certification Office is in the middle of changing their rules for the dd2345 program.  We highly recommend you apply for organizational vs. individual. To file for an organizational form, your company must have a Dun & Bradstreet number,, 888-347-0475 and be registered in SAM (, 866-606-8220).

If you have questions regarding the DD2345 process you may contact Sherry Johnson at 937-554-4671.






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