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Join those on the nano technology leading edge and showcase your organization or technology! The 2015 NT4D attendance is expected to have around 300 attendees including key decision makers, engineers, research scientists, and program managers in the nano and emerging technology arena. Participation in this event gives you quick and easy access to these key players.

Exhibit Booth Fees

10’ x 10’ Booth - $1,198
(Each 10x10 booth comes with one free full access registration. All other booth workers must register and pay the registration fee. No refunds will be issued for booth cancellations.)

Exhibitors Receive:

    • Organization listing on the NT4D website
    • Three to four sentence ad on the NT4D website
    • Web link from the NT4D website to yours
    • Listing in the Final Program & Proceedings
    • Exhibit Service Manual
    • Access to attendee networking functions in the Exhibit Hall
    • Standard pipe and drape
    • One (1) 6' table
    • Two chairs
    • Wastebasket

Exhibit Kit

The full exhibit kit can be found at https://alliance.expoorders.com/Login.aspx?showid=834, which contains all pricing for labor, drayage, furniture & equipment, and ordering instructions.  A “Quick Facts Kit” for reference purposes can be downloaded here

Exhibit Hours 

Monday, 16 November 2015
1000 – 1630 Exhibit Move-In
1700 – 1830 Exhibit Kick-Off & Poster Session Technical Interchange (with light refreshments & cash bar)
Tuesday, 17 November 2015
1200 – 1330 Networking Lunch in the Exhibit Hall (Pay-As-You-Go)
1200 – 1600  Exhibits & Posters Open
Wednesday, 18 November 2015
0930 – 1900 Exhibits & Posters Open
1155 – 1330 Networking Lunch in the Exhibit Hall (Pay-As-You-Go)
1730 – 1900 Exhibitor & Poster Session Technical Interchange & Reception (Hors d'oeuvres & Cash Bar)
1930 – 2030 Exhibitor Move-Out


Floor Plan

NanoTechnology for Defense Conference Exhibitor Terms & Conditions

      • The date and fee structure are firm.  For fees to apply, they must be received by the accompanying dates. Registration alone does not guarantee that rate.
      • No refunds will be issued for booth cancellations.
      • Exhibitor check-in is required at the NT4D registration desk prior to set-up. 
      • Each paid 10’ x 10’ booth comes with one complimentary registration.  All booth workers must be registered.  The only exception is temporary set-up and tear-down passes.  These are available at no charge, and are good for Monday set-up and Thursday tear-down only in the exhibit hall.
      • Show management reserves the right to cancel any exhibit space for misrepresentation of products or nonpayment of exhibit fees due for space rental.   Show management reserves the right to refuse applications or require exhibitors to adjust exhibited materials if they do not meet the standards required or expected, as well as the right to curtail exhibits that reflect against the character of the conference or are deemed inappropriate in nature.  This applies to displays, literature, advertising novelties, souvenirs, conduct of person, etc. and is at the sole discretion of Show Management.
      • Exhibitor is prohibited from distributing literature, souvenirs, or other items from outside the boundaries of their booth space and other items other than the Exhibitor’s own materials unless Exhibitor has obtained Show Management’s prior written approval. 
      • Exhibitor is prohibited from taking photographs of their booth or any other booth due to security restrictions of the event.  If you would like a photo of your booth, you may request the conference photographer to take photos for you at no charge.
      • Exhibitors must man their booths during all show hours.
      • If any of Exhibitor’s space remains unoccupied on closing day of set-up, Exhibitor shall be deemed to have abandoned such space.  Thereafter, Show Management shall have the right to rent such space to any other exhibitor, or use such space in any other manner as Show Management deems necessary, in its sole discretion, without any obligation to Exhibitor.  This section shall not be construed as affecting the obligation of Exhibitor to pay the full amount specified in the Agreement for space rental.
      • Exhibitors may not tear down early.  A penalty fee of $1,000 will be charged to any exhibitor that tears down early without written permission from Show Management and exhibitor will be barred from participating in future shows.
      • Show information and updates will be provided via email or on-line and will be sent to the designated contact.  If the on-site show contact is different from the pre-show contact, a name and contact information for the on-site show contact is required.  Designation of an onsite POC is required to ensure important show information is disseminated to the individuals that are staffing the booths.  
      • The indoor exhibit area will be locked and a watchman placed on duty when the area is not open to the public. However, exhibitors should secure, at their own expense, appropriate liability/loss insurance and provide reasonable security for equipment and displays. The NT4D Planning Committee, Blue 52 Productions, LLC, event contractor, the security company, and the show venue will not be responsible for any loss, theft, or damage whatsoever to exhibitor or exhibitor supplied equipment during any part of the expo or during set-up and tear-down.  It is agreed that exhibitors shall indemnify and exempt Blue 52 Productions, LLC, its officers and staff, the NT4D Planning Committee, event contractor, the security company, and the show venue from all personal and property loss of liability which may arise from fire, lighting, smoke, strike, riot, and civil commotion, or any other cause and condition beyond their control.  The exhibitor expressly waives all claims for any loss, damage, or injury.
      • For the term of the Agreement, Exhibitor shall at all times maintain insurance sufficient to cover the liabilities of Exhibitor under the Agreement.  The amount and scope of such insurance shall be reasonably satisfactory to show management – a minimum of one million dollars in liability insurance is required.  Such insurance shall also provide coverage for Exhibitor’s contractual obligations to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless, as stated in the Agreement.  Blue 52 Productions, LLC and the event contractor shall be added as an additional insured to such insurance.  Exhibitor’s agrees to provide Show Management a suitable certificate verifying that the required insurance is and will remain in force for the duration of the Exhibition, set-up, and tear-down and that Blue 52 Productions, LLC and exhibit contractor have been listed as an additional insured.
      • Force Majure.  In the event that the Expo hall is damaged or destroyed by fire, flood, or any other cause or circumstance that makes it unreasonably difficult for Show Management to permit Exhibitor to occupy the assigned space during any part or the whole of the Expo, then during such circumstances, Show Management, the show venue, and their respective privies will be released and discharged from the obligation to supply space, and Exhibitor will be reimbursed for proportionate share of the booth rental previously received by Blue 52 Productions from Exhibitor.  Blue 52 Productions reserves the right to cancel, re-name, or relocate the Expo or change the dates on which it is held in such circumstances.  If Blue 52 Productions reschedules show within 90 days or a 2 hour drive of DC Area, no refund will be due Exhibitor and Blue 52 Productions will assign the Exhibitor a new space.  In such case, Exhibitor agrees to use such space under the terms of this agreement.





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