Poster Session

Congratulations to our 2015 NT4D Poster Award Winners

1st Place Poster: Bio-Derived Energetic Nanomaterials Dr. Joseph Slocik, Air Force Research Laboratory
2nd Place Poster: High Thermal Conductivity Gaskets Based on Carbon Nanotube Vertical Arrays Mr. Matthew Craps, NanoTechLabs, Inc. (UNCG)
3rd Place Poster: Fluid Phase Processing of Carbon Nanotubes for Production of Advanced EMI Shielding Materials Dr. Dmitri Tsentalovich, DexMat, Inc.

Confirmed Posters

Session Chairs:  Dr. Akbar Khan, Defense Threat Reduction Agency; Dr. James Murday, University of Southern California; and Dr. Revell Phillips, Defense Threat Reduction Agency

Please take time to visit the posters in the NT4D Exhibit hall. A list of current posters will be posted soon.

NT4D Poster Award Program

The 4th annual NT4D Poster Award Program will take place this year 16-19 November in City of Industry, CA.  Awards will be announced on Tuesday, 17 November.  Previous recipients include:

2014 NT4D Poster Award Winners

1st Place Poster: Compatibility of Multifunctionality: Can a Balance of Water Repellency and Water-Loving Reactants be Achieved through Tailored Surface Chemistry and Patterning?, Dr. Timothy Lawton, U.S. Army – Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center
2nd Place Poster: Evaluating Nanoparticle Toxicity in Microfluidic Devices, Dr. Narender Singh, CFD Research Corporation
3rd Place Poster: Nanofountain Probe Technology for In Vitro Cell Studies, Dr. Wonmo Kang, Naval Research Laboratory

2013 NT4D Poster Award Winners

Best Poster: Through-process Modeling for Cold Spray Alloy Optimization, Ms. Danielle Belsito, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Honorable Mention: Design of a Superhydrophobic Superoleophobic Liquid Aerosol Barrier, Dr. Hoon Joo Lee, North Carolina State University
Honorable Mention: The Application of Silver Nanowire Coated Film in Military Electronics, Dr. Robert Monson, Carestream Advanced Materials
Honorable Mention: Miniaturized Nanoenergetic Divergence Thrusters for Impulsive Projectile Control, Mr. Clay Staley, University of Missouri
Honorable Mention: Nano-carbon Conductive Elastomer, Dr. Mei Zhang, Florida State University

2012 NT4D Poster Award Winners

Best Poster: Functionalized Graphene for Formation of Self-Assembled Nanoenergetic Composite with Enhanced Combustion Performance, Dr. Shubhra Gangopodhyay, University of Missouri-Columbia
Honorable Mention: Direct-Write Technologies for 3D Assembly of Nanostructures, Dr. Kate Duncan, Space and Terrestrial Communications Directorate, CERDEC-S&TCD
Honorable Mention: Innovative Materials for Defense Applications: Composites, Rubber, Batteries, and Foams Enhanced by Molecular Rebar, Mrs. Wendy Hoenig, Designed Nanotubes, LLC
Honorable Mention: First In Man Synthetic Nanofiber Trachea, Dr. Jed Johnson, Nanofiber Solutions

Advanced Coatings & Films

Durable Transparent Hydrophobic Coatings Dr. Bryan Koene, Luna Innovations, Inc.

Advanced Manufacturing/Nanomanufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing Process for Producing Continuous Nanofiber Yarns Dr. Alexis Carpenter, AxNano, LLC

Process Innovations for the Manufacture of Nanostructured Aerospace/Defense Forgings Dr. Edward Chen, Transition45 Technologies, Inc.

Ionothermal Synthesis of Lanthanide Tetrafluoride Nanoparticles Using Deep Eutectic Solvents Dr. Benjamin Furman, Southwest Research Institute [Selected]

Experimental and Numerical Study of Selectively Reinforced Polymer Nanocomposites Dr. Ahmed Khattab, University of Louisiana at Lafayette [Selected]

Novel Functional Photonic Devices Made Via Nanoimprint Lithography with High Refractive Index Resist Dr. Keiko Munechika, aBeam Technologies, Inc. [Selected]

Advanced Carbon-Based Materials and Integrated Fabrication Enabling Printed Electronics and Device Applications Dr. Wu-Sheng Shih, Brewer Science, Inc.

Development of Inherently Super-Nonwetting Fibers and Fabrics Mr. Quoc Truong, U.S. Army Natick Soldier RD&E Center

Fluid Phase Processing of Carbon Nanotubes for Production of Advanced EMI Shielding Materials Dr. Dmitri Tsentalovich, DexMat, Inc.

Nano/Biotechnology: Advanced Materials and Detection Capabilities

Reconfigurable DNA Nanostructures for Modulating FRET Pathways Dr. Susan Buckhout-White, Naval Research Laboratory

Monitoring Warfighter Performance with Printed Graphene Sweat Biosensors Prof. Jonathan Claussen, Iowa State University

The Functionalized Nanopore Detection (FiND) Platform for Target Analyte Detection and Quantification Dr. Eric Ervin, Electronic BioSciences, Inc.

Location Deterministic Biosensing from Quantum-Dot-Nanowire Assemblies Dr. Donglei Fan, The University of Texas at Austin

Nanomechanical Characterization of Bacillus anthracis Spores using Atomic Force Microscopy Dr. Alex Li, Air Force Institute of Technology

A NANOeSPRi-Based IVD Assay for Multiple Organ Injury Dr. Siqi Li, Luna Innovations, Inc.

Hybrid Plasmonic/Semiconductor Nanoparticles for Imaging and Photoablation Dr. Anton Malko, The University of Texas at Dallas

Photochemically Synthesized Silver Nanostructures for Surface Enhanced Raman Sensing of Bacteria and Explosives Mr. Mauricio Rojas-Andrade, University of California Santa Cruz [Selected]

Fabrication and Characterization of Low Modulus Bio-Electrodes Dr. Girish Srinivas, TDA Research, Inc.

Detecting VOCs Using Doped Electrospun Fibers Based Sensing Platforms Prof. Ashok Vaseashta, IASC/ICWI, NUARI

Stabilization of Nucleic Acids through Adsorption by Nanostructured Materials Dr. Brandy White, Naval Research Laboratory

Graphene-Based Chemical Sensor with Sub-PPB Sensitivity Dr. Yan Zhuang, Wright State University

Nanostructured Materials:  1-D, 2-D, and Metamaterials

High Pressure, Nano-Energetic Ignition Torch  Applied to Subscale Test Rocket Engines Dr. Alireza Badakhshan, Air Force Research Laboratory (ERC, Inc.)

High Thermal Conductivity Gaskets Based on Carbon Nanotube Vertical Arrays Mr. Matthew Craps, NanoTechLabs, Inc. (UNCG)

Quantification of the Effects of Modified Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes on Model Crosslinked Epoxy-Amine Coating Characteristics Mr. Greg Curtzwiler, The University of Southern Mississippi

Engineering Surfaces with 2D Materials Dr. Paul Sheehan, Naval Research Laboratory

Scalable Productions of Pristine, Few-Layered Graphene Nanoplatelets and other 2D Nanomaterials by Shear Exfoliation Mr. Charles Van Fleet, Swan Chemical, Inc.

Next Generation Electronics

Modeling Kinetics in Nanoelectronics Devices using the Atomistic ToolKit Dr. Samuel Chill, Atherton Quantum Insight

Highly Sensitive Low-Loss Micro-Passives using 3D Printed Silver Nanoparticles - Fabrication, Modeling and Characterization Dr. Subhanshu Gupta, Washington State University

Memristive Granular Structures under Electrical and Mechanical Stimuli Dr. Alex Li, Air Force Institute of Technology

Advanced Deposition and Characterization Techniques for Enabling Future III-V Semiconductor Devices Mr. Antonio Lucero, University of Texas at Dallas

Power & Energy Generation

Nanosilicon: Production and Applications Dr. David Irvin, Systems & Materials Research Corporation

Safety with Performance: Breakthroughs in Solid Polymer Electrolyte Systems Mr. Chad Lewis, MW2 Defense, LLC

Flexible Graphene Liquid Metal Devices Mr. Richard Ordonez, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific [Selected]

Highly Sensitive Low-Loss Micro-Passives Using 3D Printed Silver Nanoparticles - Fabrication, Modeling and Characterization Mr. Arya Rahimi, Washington State University

Flat Ceramic Nanoparticles with Two Functionally Different Surfaces for Self-Generating Coatings Dr. Pavlo Rudenko, TriboTEX

Bio-Derived Energetic Nanomaterials Dr. Joseph Slocik, Air Force Research Laboratory

Safety & Health

Aerosol Sampling, Characterization, and Toxicity Evaluation of Nanomaterials Released in Air Force Environments Mr. Trevor Tilly, 711th Human Performance Wing

Sustainment & Sustainability

Through-Process Modeling of Cold Spray Processing for Repair Applications Dr. Danielle Cote, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Experimental Characterization for Through-Process Modeling of Cold Spray Aluminum Alloys Ms. Baillie McNally, Worcester Polytechnic Institute





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